Interior Design

Our Standards, Defined

Every home tells a story; it is our pleasure here at Through The Garden Gate(TTGG) to help you tell yours. It’s a story of love, happiness, family and friendship creating a warm and inviting space that reflects who you are. Helping you tell that story is what TTGG specializes in.


We can and will furnish any room of your beautiful home, making the experience completely turnkey. No matter the style, room or location we have the ability to get the job done. Creating an inviting, comfortable space that can both entertain and delight.


At TTGG we do NOT charge by the hour for interior design service, NO DESIGN FEES, we simply bring our Store to you! You get the best of both worlds, a professional interior designer that has their own showroom (La Habra Store) and facilitates the process from the beginning to the end, with zero hidden fees or surcharges!


We are ready to make your home what you have always dreamed of! With over 25 years of combined industry experience, Steve and Tony have make TTGG the premier location in Southern California for interior design and home furnishings service.


No project is too big or too small. From helping decide between which piece of artwork would look best and on what wall to place it to designing and completely furnishing your home. Give us a Call today (562) 697-6869!

Interior Design is our passion

We pride ourselves on our abilities to bring warmth and life to your living spaces.